Hall of Fame

The USAPL – Colorado Hall of Fame was created to recognize people who have made significant contributions to the sport of powerlifting in Colorado.

2010 – Dave Gonzales

Dave Gonzales


  • Age: 49 (Soon To Be 50)
  • Occupation: PE Teacher & Head Football/Head Track Coach Rangeview Raiders
  • Family: Wife Of 20 Years Cydnie, Daughter Rikki 16 & Son Max 11

Powerlifting Highlights:

  • 27 Years Competitive Drug Free Powerlifting
  • 1985-1997: Multi-time State And National Champ In Several Organizations
  • 1998-2001: Consistent Top 5 USAPL Open Lifter & Colorado State Champion
  • 2002-2011(Current): 10x USAPL National Masters Champion
  • Multi-state Record Holder In 4 Weight Classes Over Career
  • Current National USAPL National Record Holder
  • 2001 IPF World Masters Champion-Argentina-4 Gold Medals
  • 2006 IPF World Masters Silver Medalist
  • Best Lifts:
    • SQ-760
    • BP-530
    • DL-677

* Had to pass up several world team spots for coaching obligations

Gratitudes & Thank You To:

  • First And Foremost…God. For Blessing Me With Health & Strength. Philippians 4:13 Proclaims That “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength”
  • My Wife Cydnie, Children Rikki & Max And Extended Family For Unconditional Support & Love.
  • My Parents Richard & Rebecca Gonzales. My Father Rich Has Been To Every Meet I Have Competed In For 27 Years! He Is My Best Friend And Inspiration.
  • The Gaudreaus And RMLC & Fellow Lifters For Supporting Me And Allowing Me To Train At The Strongest Gym On The Planet!
  • Coach & Longtime Friend Robert Keller Who Has Called Every Number For Me The Last 20 Years.
  • Joe Ryan & Rangeview Raider  Staff Members Who Have Assisted & Supported Me Over The Last Decade.
  • John Inzer & Inzer Advanced Designs For Generous Support Throughout My Career.
  • Ed Gazetta & Cal Advanced Labs.

2008 – Ron Garofalo

Ron Garofalo

Ron started lifting at twelve-years-old in a neighborhood friend’s basement. Thirty-six years later, Ron still trains every weekend with that same friend, Russ Clark, who is also a national level lifter. He entered his first powerlifting meet in 1986 on a dare. A competitive body builder at the time, Ron was challenged to enter the ’86 Colorado State Powerlifting Championships by a powerlifter to “see how strong you really are, because bodybuilders aren’t as strong as they look.” Ron won first place in that meet, fell in love with the sport, and never looked back.

Ron’s Powerlifting accomplishments include:

  • 2x IPF World Master’s Champion (2005 and 2006), including winning best lifter or “Champion of Champions” award both times
  • 2x AAU World Champion, raw division
  • 4x USAPL National Masters Champion (Full meet) as well as winning several “Push/Pull” national titles
  • USAPL Colorado State Champion Several times, as well as WABDL and AAU
  • 4 USAPL National Records (all raw)
  • All USAPL Colorado State records in the 165 and 181 pound weight classes, as well as holding several state and national records in WABDL and AAU

Ron Garofalo
Over the years, Ron has brought over 50 lifters to USAPL, males and females, from 11 years old (back when there was a youth division) to 69 years old. His coaching highlights include:

  • 1st place team, USAPL Colorado State Championships since 2003
  • 2nd or 3rd place team, USAPL Jr./Teen National Championships since ‘04
  • 7 AAU World Champions (raw) and 2nd place team 2007
  • 4 WABDL National Champions and 2nd place team 2007
  • Lifters under Ron’s Coaching hold over 120 USAPL state records, 33 WABDL records and dozens of records in AAU

Ron also said:

I would like to thank all of the USAPL members who voted for me to receive this honor and for your fellowship and inspiration over the years. Special thanks to my training partners Russ Clark and Todd Ruppert and lifters of Virtus Gym. Thanks also to the great Andrea Sortwell (many of us cut our teeth in this sport during the ‘90s under her outstanding leadership), to Robb Grisham and to Dan and Jennifer Gaudreau for keeping the sport alive and strong in Colorado, and greatest gratitude to my lovely.

2008 – Dan Gaudreau

Dan Gaudreau

Dan Gaudreau did his first powerlifting meet in 1996 at the 1996 Colorado State Powerlifting Championships. At his first meet ever, he qualified for USAPL Men’s Nationals. Since that first meet, Dan has been on a fast track of success in his powerlifting accomplishments.

His titles in the USA Powerlifting division include:

  • Deadlift Nationals Champion
  • Squat National Champion
  • Bench National Champion
  • Masters Powerlifting National Champion
  • Lifetime Drug Free National Champion

In the IPF division, Dan is an 8 time Master World Bench Press Champion. In addition to all of these, Dan has also broken multiple world records, and multiple American Records.
Dan Gaudreau
He is also:

  • An IPF Category 1 Referee
  • Head Coach for 2009 USA Powerlifting Master World Bench Team
  • Director of Coaching Certifications for USA Powerlifting
  • USA Powerlifting Coach of the year
  • National and State Meet Director
  • Colorado State Chair
  • Owner of the Rocky Mountain Lifting Club

Dan said:

I would like to thank the Colorado USA Powerlifting members for this great honor. I would also like to thank Andrea Sortwell, Brent McCune, Rob Grisham, Dave Gonzales, Bill Shalkowski and to all of my friends at the Rocky Mountain Lifting Club. Thank you to Don and Carol Gaudreau for their support and to my wife and son, Jennifer and Logan, the best powerlifting team I could ever ask for.

2006 – Mark Sigala

  • Lifetime Drug Free National Champion at 148 lbs.
  • 4 Time National Deadlift Champion
  • 19 Time Consecutive Colorado State Champion
  • 3 Separate occasions went over 10 times bodyweight for total in 148
  • Have held National and American Deadlift records at 148
  • Still holds National Masters Deadlift record and single lift open record at 625lbs set in 1998
  • Consistently ranked in the National Top 10 for 11 years
  • Personal Trainer for 12 years
  • Best Competition Lifts:
    • SQ – 551
    • BP – 363
    • DL – 650
    • Total – 1504

Quote from Mark:

I have been blessed by the Good Lord to be so competitive with out the use of any drugs, just sheer determination.

2005 – Brent McCune

Brent McCune
Brent began his weightlifting career in 1980 when he joined a gym in California after he noticed that his strength was “slipping” a little. After several years of following a bodybuilder’s routine he came to the conclusion that he had lost a lot of weight and he looked good but he felt that he was still not as strong as he thought he should be at that time. He then began to train with heavier and heavier weights and a powerlifter was born. For the next three years he trained only two basic lifts; the benchpress and the squat. About two years into this training mode he was introduced to the deadlift. In 1984, Brent decided to enter his first powerlifting meet, an unsanctioned meet being held at an Air Force Base. After struggling with his squat opener until his third attempt he went on to place second in his first ever meet. After this success he began to compete in USPF meets throughout California, especially after that organization introduced a drug tested division. Over the next six years Brent competed in five to eight meets each year and never placed lower than third in any meet.

Many of the competitions Brent competed in were held on Santa Barbara, California’s East Beach. These meets were frequently entered by a number of celebrities and some people who had boa constrictors around their necks at the venue. When competing at these meets Brent had the opportunity to compete with and interact with a number of famous powerlifters such as Fred Hatfield, Paul Wrenn, Larry Kidney, Sam Samaniago, Jim Lem, Ernie Surrell, Terry McCormack and many others.

BrentDuring this period of his career as a powerlifter Brent became aware of the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association (ADFPA) which became the USA Powerlifting (USAPL). Since that time he has been an ardent and active supporter of the ADFPA/USAPL and has served both the National and State organizations in many capacities. Throughout his career Brent has served as the USAPL Colorado State Chairman and as a member of the USAPL’s National Governing Body. He has made many contributions to both the ADFPA and the USAPL as a highly respected competitor, official and state chairman.

USAPL ceased to exist in Colorado and Brent took the initiative in reviving drug free powerlifting in the state by volunteering to serve as our State Chairman and directing the next USAPL Colorado State Powerlifting and Benchpress Championships. While serving in this position he sacrificed his time and personal finances in order to insure that we as members of the USAPL were once again able to compete in an organized, drug tested environment without having to travel to other states.

In his career as a competitive powerlifter Brent has won many USAPL state and national titles as well as a number of world titles through the World Drug Free Powerlifting Association (WDFPA). He has competed as a member of one USAPL World Masters Team and has been nominated to several other world teams. In addition he holds a number of USAPL/ADFPA American and National records as well as a number of WDFPA World records.

Brent McCune

In 2004 Brent suffered a major injury to his back which resulted in major surgery. Since his surgery he has decided that he will retire from competing in powerlifting although he has recently begun to train lightly and thinks that in the future he “may” be able to do an occasional benchpress competition. While discussing his powerlifting career Brent recently said:

I have made countless friends over the twenty years I have been involved in the heaviest of sports. I have enjoyed enormously my association with the fine lifters and officials in the USAPL, IPF, WDFPA USPF and NASA. I am especially proud of the members of USAPL Colorado who chipped in and refused to let our organization wither away. Thanks for the memories. And look out, I could come back.

Brent, we are all especially proud of you. You have been a teacher, a leader and mentor to all of us in many ways. We have all gained valuable lessons in powerlifting as well as in life through our having been able to know you.

2004 – Andrea Sortwell

Info coming soon

2003 – Lamar Gant

Info coming soon

If you would like to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, contact the State Chair. Inductees will be announced at the State Championship meet near the end of the year.