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Q. Where can I find a powerlifting gym?
A. Rocky Mountain Lifting Club is the premier gym in Colorado. Colorado’s Pro Gym also allows PL’ing.

Q. When is the next powerlifting meet?
A. Upcoming events in Colorado are posted at Upcoming Events/Results. See the USAPL Calendar for events across the country.

Q. How can I submit my new state record?
A. Download and fill out the USAPL Colorado State Record Request Form.

Q. What’s the best way to get started in powerlifting?
A. Be familiar with the rules of USAPL. Enter your first meet, don’t think you need to be a world record holder to participate. Find a powerlifting coach and/or USAPL regional training center in your area at http://coaching.usapowerlifting.com/

Q. What are the weight classes in powerlifting?
A. USA Powerlifting weight categories can be found in the USA Powerlifting Rulebook (PDF).

Q. How can I find out what equipment is legal?
A. USA Powerlifting personal gear rules can be found in the USA Powerlifting Rulebook (PDF). See also the Approved list of apparel and equipment for use at IPF sanctioned competitions.

Q. Where can I find meet results?
A. Meet results are posted at Upcoming Events/Results as soon as they are available.

Q. Can I compete in benchpress only?
A. Yes. At every USAPL CO meet there is a bench press only division. There are also National and World Championships in bench press only.

Q. Can I compete in deadlift only?
A. Yes. There is a USAPL deadlift only meet in CO every fall. There is also a deadlift nationals in USAPL. Look at the USAPL Calendar for the date and location.