USAPL Bench Nationals Showcase Colorado Lifters

Posted: September 2, 2012 in State Organization

In Palm Springs, CA on August 25th and 26th Colorado lifters, all hailing from Rocky Mountain Lifting Club, brought home 5 first place medals, 2 second place medals, and 1 third place medal.

Colorado’s sole female competitor, Jen Gaudreau, kicked things off for Colorado winning the National Championship in both the M1a and Open divisions in the 63kg class with a bench of 92.5kg (204 lbs).

In the Men’s 83kg class Tom Cencich won the National Championship in the M2a division with a bench of 190kg (419 lbs) while Volodymyr Narolskyy took second place in the Open division with a bench of 250kg (551 lbs).

Tom O’Keefe was the 93kg National Champion in the M4b division of the 93kg weight class with a 112.5kg (248 lbs) bench. Yes, your read that correctly 248 lbs at over 75 years of age!

In the 105kg class Sergey Shadyun took seccond place in the M2b division with a 140kg (309 lbs) bench.

Wrapping up the performances for Colorado and RMLC was of course Dan Gaudreau with yet another National Championship in the Superheavyweight M2a division with a 287.5kg (634 lbs) bench which also earned him third place in the Open division.

Congratulations to all these Colorado lifters. You can watch many of these same lifters in International competition in Aurora on November 17th at the 7th Annual NAPF/Pan American Bench Press Championship. Check the Upcoming Events section for more details.


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