Gage Soehner Wins Silver at USAPL Mens Open Powerlifting Championships

Posted: July 24, 2012 in State Organization

Gage Soehner
840 lb Squat
2012 Mens Nationals

Colorado’s only lifter at this year’s USAPL Mens Open National Championships in Orlando, FL on June 22nd-24th was Rocky Mountain Lifting Club’s Gage Soehner. Once again Gage turned in an impressive performance and made a good run for the Gold medal ending up with Silver. Here is Gage’s personal report:

At men’s this year I got 2nd place to Steve Mann, 2030 total and a big PR in my squat.  Overall it was a successful meet.

I got into Orlando very late Friday night.  Saturday I slept in, checked my weight which was 266.8 in the morning after sleeping for 9 hours.  Needless to say I was a little shocked that I was that heavy, but I spent the rest of the day picking up the rental car, going to the grocery store, and then went to a movie.  I kept my liquid intake down, and didn’t feel too bad the next day considering I hadn’t had much liquid or food besides a few met-rx bars and some ice cream (ice cream is about the only low sodium food at a mcdonalds fyi).

Anyways, I weighed in at 119.6 and immediately started pounding some pedialyte, which was a good choice.  I felt good warming up for squats.  My last warmup was 675 with my suit on and no knee wraps.

My 1st squat was 755, and almost instantly I could tell the platform was spongy.  It was an elevated platform on risers and I do not think there was any columns under the platform to reinforce it.  I hit the rack pretty good walking it out, and on the video it was funny as I literally drug the eleiko rack about 6 inches somehow taking it out.

I got settled with the weight, and hit my opener easy enough.

My 2nd squat was 804.  My walkout was very quiet, slow and deliberate.

I hit the rack somewhat but not nearly as bad as on the 1st.  This squat was smooth and easy.

We took a big weight for my 3rd attempt at 838.  My walkout was probably the best on this one, very calm and slow as I knew the platform wasn’t the best.  I drove this weight up and honestly I think I could have done 859 on this rep.  I was very pleased with my squats here.

Bench warmups felt fine.  I had to use my 50 S katana as the 48 developed a hole in the arm.  In warmups I touched like 405 to my chest with this shirt and was instantly pissed off about how lose this shirt is.  My first rep was 507 and was easy.  My second attempt was 535 and I hit the standards very square on the way up, recovered and pressed out the weight to get two white lights.  My last attempt was 555 and the spotters took it as I started to grind the lockout.

Dead warmups felt a little hesitant because by this time my back was starting to get sore and stiff.  I think the big, heavy, emotional 380kg squat took some gas out of me.  Anyways, my opener at 651 went up fine.  We went straight to 705 for my 2nd attempt as I have wanted to take a shot at 700# for some time now.  I pulled this weight up, got it right to the finish and started to lose my grip.  I held on as long as possible and I lost the bar, tearing 3 fingers pretty good in the process. [EDITOR’S NOTE: a rare triple flapper – I had the pleasure of seeing it in person, unfortunately no one got a picture]  Out of all the things my grip went, which is something I didn’t even train this cycle.  If I had a good grip on this, I am fairly confident I would have locked my knees and got my shoulders back.  After the tore up hand I called it good.  I could have pulled a 672 or 683 for my 2nd attempt and had a larger total but it was of no consequence as the 3rd place guy was quite a distance behind me.

This meet was fun for me.  My squats continue to progress.  With the bench I am now of the opinion that I have just as much, if not more, raw strength than the other guys benching 580-600.  I need to get a shirt, that will not touch until I have 495lbs on the bar.  My deadlift is strange because although I didn’t get the weight I wanted, I continue to hit PRs in training.  I deadlifted 628 at 220# and at the time I could deadlift 495 for 6 reps.  Now, I hit 585 for 5 in the gym and end up with a 651 dead at this meet.  Although it is frustrating, I am not reflecting my true deadlift strength in the meets.

Big thanks to my wife, Dan and Jenn, and the team at RMLC!!


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