Colorado Lifters Win Many Medals at USAPL Mens’ Master Nationals

Posted: July 24, 2012 in State Organization

Alex Galant, Brian Sato, Chris Pates, Mark Sigala, Mark Cucinella, Shane Landenberger, Ron Garafalo, Tom Cencich, Frank Agos, David Brekke, Del Worley, David Robinson, Russ Clark, Robert Keele, Steve Harms, Barney Herzog, Tom O’Keefe, Shane Secrist, Jim Brookshire, Sergey Shadyun, William Basow, Mike Skelton, Dave Gonzales, Preston Sumner, Rob Grisham, and Dan Gaudreau all competed in the 2012 USAPL Mens Master National Powerlifting Championships in Denver, CO on May 4th-6th. Results can be found at 2012_Masters_Nationals_Results.htm. These Colorado lifters earned 7 Gold medals (Galant, Sigala, Cucinella, O’Keefe, Gonzales, Grisham, Gaudreau) 5 Silver medals, and 7 Bronze medals.


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