Dan Gaudreau and Tom Cencich Medal at IPF World Masters Bench Press Championships

Posted: June 28, 2012 in State Organization

Lifting before a hometown audience, Colorado lifters Dan Gaudreau and Tom Cencich took Gold and Silver respectively in their M2 weight classes helping Team USA to 2nd place behind Japan. The competition was held April 20th-22nd at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, CO which will also be the venue for the 2014 IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships.

Tom Cencich lifting in the M2 83 kg class benched 197.5 kg (435 lbs) to earn his Silver medal. On his 3rd attempt Tom benched an American Record 212.5 kg (468 lbs) and was awarded a good lift by the platform referees but this was overturned by the jury. Fortunately it was his own record he was going for so Tom is still the American record holder.

Dan Gaudreau served as meet director (with his wife Jen) in putting on this World Championship competition. I am sure only meet directors of such competitions can understand everything involved in dealing with sponsors, hotels, IPF officials, coaches, referees, lifters, volunteers,  and vendors in the days, weeks, and months leading up to such events. So at the last session of the competition after all this work Dan proceeded to:

  • go 3 for 3
  • win the Gold medal in the M2 (age 50-59) SHW class
  • break a world record on his second attempt at 280.5 kg (618 lbs)
  • break a world record on his third attempt at 300.5 kg (662 lbs)
  • outbench all the M1 (age 40-49) lifters
  • earn Best Lifter in M2 with 165.18 Wilks points.

Congratulations to Dan and Tom for their excellent representation of Colorado powerlifting at this World Championship and to Dan and Jen for their direction and presentation of this top notch event. Thank you to the City of Aurora for their sponsorship and production assistance in the webcast. And a big thank you to the many Colorado lifters whose efforts as volunteers made this Championship such a success!


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