RMLC Lifter Blaine Sumner Shatters Raw IPF World Squat Record

Posted: April 17, 2012 in State Organization

Blaine Sumner who began training at Rocky Mountain Lifting Club (RMLC) in 2005 as a junior in high school continued his attack on International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Squat records in Melbourne, Australia on April 1st. After establishing the IPF Superheavyweight Equipped Squat World Record at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio on March 3rd Blaine went into a very brief raw training mode.  3 1/2 weeks after the Arnold he flew to Australia to compete at the Pacific Raw Invitational. The result was 3 new world records in the squat and 2 new world record totals as each of his squats were new world records and both of his successful deadlifts established new world record totals. Blaine opened well above the existing world standard with an 804 lb squat and his final squat was 882 lbs which the rest of the world calls 400 kg – quite a benchmark! Blaine added two successful bench presses (463 lb best) and two good deadlifts (711 lb best) for a 2055 lb total.

This was Blaine’s first international competition and he seemed to handle the jet lag well although he was disappointed with his bench and deadlift. He will be traveling to Stockholm, Sweden for the IPF World Raw Cup Championships on June 17th and then competing equipped at the USAPL Men’s Open Nationals in Orlando, FL only one week later. Blaine expects to add to his existing world records in the squat but is now putting additional focus on his bench and deadlift. Since he became serious about powerlifting on his first trip to RMLC he had used powerlifting primarily as a training modality for his other sports. In high school he competed in football, wrestling, lacrosse, and shot put and played football in college. When his football career ended in the summer of 2011 he was able to focus on powerlifting exclusively. His initial goals were focused on the squat world records which he knew were well within reach. Now that he has those records in hand he knows he can make big improvements in his bench and deadlift which will give him an excellent shot at equipped total world records and World Championships. As a USAPL/IPF lifter Blaine is particularly proud of the commitment these organizations have to drug-free competition: “The IPF is committed to getting powerlifting added as an Olympic sport and rigorous drug testing is a key component of that initiative. I hope to be able to compete for Olympic Gold before my lifting career is over.”

Blaine is currently a Wyoming resident working as a Petroleum Engineer at Devon Energy in Gillette. As often as he can he gets back to Colorado to lift at RMLC and support Colorado powerlifting. Blaine’s development as a powerlifter is a testament to dedicated training with supportive training partners and experienced coaches. As a freshman in high school he weighed 145 lbs and was thin as a rail. He knew as a linebacker and offensive lineman on the football team he had to get bigger and stronger. In his freshman class at Conifer High School there were probably 4 or 5 kids stronger than Blaine in the squat, today there is arguably no one in the world stronger than him in the squat. The difference between 145 lbs bodyweight and 350 lbs, between a mediocre squat at a small high school and a world record squat is only 9 years. That 9 years has been filled with many hours of intense, dedicated training. But Blaine will tell you that those hours have been the source of many great friendships with his training partners, coaches, and mentors. To all you young lifters out there Blaine says do not worry about where you are today, decide what you want to accomplish, find the people who will support your dreams, and give it everything you have. Blaine wishes to thank Dan and Jen Gaudreau, all his training partners over the years at RMLC, and his new training partners in Wyoming for supporting his dreams.


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