Jennifer Gaudreau’s Arnold Report

Posted: April 3, 2012 in State Organization

This was my 3rd Arnold Sports Festival to compete in and as always, it didn’t disappoint.  To walk up for an opening squat attempt and see almost every chair in the audience full, as well as people standing, was exciting.

Only making 5 of 9 attempts usually doesn’t make for a very successful meet but I feel differently about this one.  Leading up to the meet I had some lower back issues and had to back off of training a bit.  The last month I squatted one week and deadlifted the next to ensure my back stayed healthy.  I chose to go up to the 63kg instead of dropping to the 57kg weight class.  This allowed me to come in as strong as ever, and not very stressed, which always leads to a better performance on the platform.  I weighed in well under 63, coming in at 61.2 kg.

My squat opener was easy and deep at 167.5 so we went right for the big 182.5.  I came up with it but was turned down for depth.  Repeated on the 3rd and I got about 3/4 of the way up and just couldn’t finish.  It was a grinder, 4 seconds from the hole to where I lost it.  That is an eternity when you have that much weight on your back!  Many lifters in my flight struggled with the squat as only 9 out of 24 attempts were passed.  Most were completed, just not to the standards of the referee’s.

Bench was my most successful lift this meet and I finished with 107.5, which tied a PR for me.

Going into the deadlift I was trailing in 2nd place by 5kgs and she was opening 7.5kgs more than me so I knew I had to fight for it.  I was looking for my first total over 455kg (1000lbs) as well.  My second deadlift of 180kgs would have given me the total I wanted but it got out in front of me a little and I just broke it off the floor.  Repeated on the 3rd and got it about to my knees but it just wasn’t my day.  After the grinder I had on my 3rd squat, I just ran out of gas.

It was a great experience and I suggest that if you ever have the opportunity to be a part of the ASF, take it!  You will be hard pressed to find another meet like it!

A huge thanks to my amazing husband and coach, Dan.  He is the best coach in the business!  To all my family at RMLC, thanks for all the help and support in the gym.  Pete Alaniz and Derek Brixius at Titan Support Systems, thanks for the amazing gear.  Janel Brown, thank you for allowing me to chat and relax between attempts and telling me to get going when it was time, you know it’s how I roll 😉


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