Blaine Sumner’s Arnold Report

Posted: April 3, 2012 in State Organization

The Arnold was an awesome trip and everybody should go once to see the sights and events. I had a good training cycle leading up to the Arnold and had hit a 1,025 squat, 705 bench press, and 785 deadlift. My goals for the meet were around those numbers. I opened the squat with 954 and dumped the bar and pulled my calf in the process. Then I went to 976 and squatted it easy for 3 white lights. This beat the IPF Open World Record by 6 lbs. I then moved up to 1,025 and squatted it but got turned down 2-1 on depth. The bench press was very close but not all there. I pressed 635, 672, and got called on 705 for a soft lockout. The deadlifts went poor partially due to my calf. I opened with a conservative 715 to secure the WR and got called for a hitch – which was a surprise because I have never hitched a sumo pull in my life, so something was off. I repeated the 715 and got it, then went to 766 and got turned down 2-1 for a hitch again. I still have some learning to do in the gear but I walked away with 1st Place and had the highest Wilks among all men, women, ages, and weight classes. I am very grateful to Dan, Jen, my parents, and the Soehners. RMLC has a great support crew and we were really represented well at the Arnold!


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