Gage Soehner Turns in Strong Performance at IPF Open World Championships

Posted: November 29, 2011 in State Organization

Gage Soehner from Rocky Mountain Lifting Club was a member of the USA team competing in the IPF Open World Championships which took place in Pilsen, Czech Republic from November 7th to 13th. This was Gage’s first World Championship, he competed in the 120KG (264 lb) weight class which included 23 lifters and place 11th.

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Here is Gage’s report on his first World Championships:

Flight over was very long, and due to the rescheduling of my lifting from Sunday to Saturday, it was half rushed.  We flew 10 hrs to Frankfurt, then a flight to Munich, then a bus to Friesing, then a train to Pilsen, then a taxi to the hotel.  The total amount of hours of travel that “day” was 36 hours of my wife Alisson and I being awake.  Sleep was screwed up due to the time change and marathon traveling.  Anyway, we got in at 11 pm on Thursday and basically slept all day Friday.  Bodyweight was 265 basically during the daytime.

I threw up Friday night due to something, virus/food/nerves were probably all accountable.  Anyway I woke up Saturday and weighed 263, went and had some breakfast, then I went back to sleep.  Weighed in at 3 PM at 119.4 kilos.

Squat warm ups were fine, last one was 675 in full gear
727 opener easy enough, got forward a bit
771 good, little bit of a “oscillation” out of the hole but it went up fine
794 easy lift miss on depth, easiest lift of all three.

Upon review of the film I think the depth call was BS, my third was just as deep as my first two, and as deep as the squats passed in the “A” flight.

[Gage was not the only one to dispute the call on his depth – he was robbed]

Bench warm ups were good, last one 496 in the shirt
507 opener miss.  We didn’t pull the shirt down much (which was my request), and the spotter handed off and then stood there for like 5 seconds, I didn’t say “I got it” so he continued to stand there.  By the time I got the press command I felt like I had held it for ten seconds, haha, and couldn’t lock it out.
507 second smoked it, made sure to yell when I had the handoff
535 third was easy and fast, but I did receive one red light because I brought the bar a little low

606 easy
651 easy
672 easy
I really felt like I could have went over 700 here.

1979 total.  Last total at 120kg bodyweight was 1950, so it makes this a PR.  I think I have more strength than what the total was. All my lifts were easy besides the first bench obviously.  Attempts were conservative and that’s fine, given the nervous state I was in.  In the future I am going to bump up my openers.  I think I am quite a bit more comfortable competing now that I have done all of the big meets (Nationals, Arnold, Worlds)

Judging on the world level has the inherent quality to be inconsistent, as there are 50+ judges at the event. They are tight on some things, loose on others, and it will vary depending on who is in the chair.

Overall it was a good experience, and an honor to be a part of it all!  Huge thanks to Dan Gaudreau and my wife Alisson for the invaluable help.

The Russians that went first and second didn’t look like they were powerlifters at all, it amused me.  In your head you paint this mental image of Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 but Maxim Barkhatov (120kg winner) looks like he works at Big O tire, not like an 850lb deadlifter.

Everyone of the US team was very friendly and helpful.  As a team we didn’t perform as high as we wanted, but we had a couple of National Champions on the men’s team choose not to compete (Nick Weite, Kenneth Ruben).

Congratulations to Gage on his outstanding debut performance on the World stage. It is amazing to see him putting up PRs after the jet lag he had to endure. If you have seen Gage train at RMLC you know he has lots more in the tank and will be pushing his numbers much higher in the future.


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