2011 IPF World Bench Press Championships

Posted: July 5, 2011 in State Organization

USAPL Colorado had 2 lifters represent the USA at the BP World Championships in Solden, Austria.  They were sub junior lifter Omar Valdez and open lifter Jennifer Gaudreau.  Jennifer was also the coach for the sub jr and jr teams.  This is only the second world championships with the new weight classes.  Omar went up to the 66kg class and Jennifer went down to the 57kg weight class.  Both lifting on the same day, it made for a busy day for team USA.

Jennifer, in true form, weighed in at 57kg on the dot.  She smoked her opener of 90kgs (198lbs) and went to 102.5kgs (225lbs).  This was a fairly big jump, however a very achievable weight, and needed to keep her in the medal hunt.  The lift was not successful as Jennifer was not able to push the weight up.  Another small jump was taken, 2.5kg,  to try and bump up a placing.  She made some slight technical and gear adjustments and the lift looked better but Jennifer was again unsuccessful.  The final placing for her was 6th place.  In looking back at the competition Jennifer stated,  “This was a new weight class for me, dropping 3kgs (6.6 lbs) is a lot on someone my size.  I always learn something from each meet.  This time I learned (again!) that I really, I mean really, HATE to sauna.  Lifting in the 60kg class for so long I had it all dialed in and knew where I needed to be when I got on the plane.  I need to be much closer to 57 kg when traveling in the future.”

Omar had the pleasure of gaining a few kgs as his new weight class was 66kg, he weighed in light at 63.10kg.  Not only was this Omar’s first time competing at the World Championships, it was the first time he had ever been on an airplane.  Omar stated “I was honored that I was representing my country at the IPF World Bench Press Championships.  I was also nervous to be competing against the best lifters in the world!”  With this being Omar’s first World Championships his opener was quite conservative, 80kg (176lbs).  He pushed it up with ease and the 2nd attempt was turned in at 85kg (187lbs).  Omar pushed it up, again with ease, unfortunately his butt came off the bench and he was not awarded the lift.  Since his 2nd attempt was easy the coaches decided to go ahead and add more weight for his 3rd attempt, there was nothing to lose.  The bar was loaded to 90kg (198lbs).  Unfortunately Omar had the same issue and he was red lighted for his butt coming up again.  In Omar’s reflection of the meet he said “To me it did not matter what place I came in, I had a fun time and a great experience.  Now I know for next year I have to work on a few technical things and I will give them a run for their money.”

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Congratulations to Omar and Jennifer for representing USAPL Colorado like champions!



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